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Surya Namaskar means worshipping of Lord Sun God. In each of Indian ancient gym method, Surya Namaskars are performed since time in memorial. This is such an act which is physical exercise, along with it religious rite is also connected.

Normally this exercise is to be performed before the rising Sun. Rising Sun is a sign of brightness. Moreover, when the Sun rises, at that time every morning it gives signal of new direction. Since this exercise method is to be performed in front of Sun, Vitamin-D and other substances contained in the Sun are also received by the body in appropriate proportion.

In Surya Namaskar, totally 12 different positions are to be taken  which gives exercise to each organ and parts of the body. Any person can perform these acts very easily. By performing Surya Namaskar always in clean environment and open space, the body gets benefit in proper manner. The complete description of twelve methods of Surya Namaskar are given under with picture. In fact, if these twelve acts are performed with different twelve chants then the mind can also concentrate.


1. Dakshasana:


Method:      In first phase of Surya Namaskar, stand straight in concentrated mind, pray the Lord Surya Narayan.


2. Namaskarasan:


Method:      Join two hands in such manner that they remain straight, by touching the thumb to the chest. Take out chest portion little out and enlarge lungs, body-head and neck should be straight, take deep breath by closing mouth.


3. Parvatasana:


Method:      Lift up hands and stretch them back of the body and take them on rear side. Bend down back side from waist as much as possible.  While bending back, take a deep breath.


4. Hastapadasana.  


Method:      Without bending knee, bend from waist towards front and possibly keep your hands in the manner touching the ground, thereafter discharge in the way by touching your nose to the knee. Initially, it will do if your fingers dos not touch the ground. But perform this act with enthusiasm.


5. Ekpad-Prasaranasana:  


Method:      By taking deep breath, bend legs from the knew, take right leg knee place it so as to touch on the ground, stretch left leg thigh on front as much as you can and lift up the head on the upper side as much as possible.  


6. Bhudharasana:  

Method:      By taking breath, lift head, stretch waist and back side portion of the body towards upper side, at that time the ankles should remain stiff. At the time of complete position, the entire body be kept on both palms and leg fingers. 


7. Asthangpranipatasana:  


Method:      Continue to discharge breath and by bringing nose, chest and knee in such manner so as to touch the ground while coming down hit with the floor. Special care be taken in this act that the chest and stomach do not touch the floor.  


8. Bhujangasana:  


Method:      By keeping the down portion of the waist in the above position only, start straightening hands and taking breath, come down from upper side. Bend the waist in round shape, see upper side as far as possible.


9. Bhudarasana:  


Method:      Continuing Kumbhaka, without moving the palm and leg fingers, come towards upper side from waist and if possible allow the bear to touch the chest and stretch the Nitamb portion towards upward side as far as possible.


10. Ekpadprasanana:  


Method:      From the aforesaid act only, take left leg ahead and make it supplemental and keep touched left leg to the ground on rear side, stretch the neck and head on upper side as far as possible.


11. Hastpadasana:  


Method:      This should be practiced as stated in foregoing. 


12. Namaskarasana:  


Method:      By taking deep breath, stand stiff, both legs and knees should be stiff by touching each other and by joining both hands, stand up so that the thumb touches the chest.


As I have stated earlier, each exercise of Surya Namaskar is performed along with different changes, so the said chants are as under:


1.     Aum Mitraya Namaha.

2.     Aum Ravaye Namaha.

3.     Aum Suryay Namaha.

4.     Aum Bhanve Namaha.

5.     Aum Khagay Namaha.

6.     Aum Pushney Namaha.

7.     Aum Hiranya Garbhaye Namaha.

8.     Aum Marichye Namaha.

9.     Aum Adityay Namaha.

10.    Aum Savitrey Namaha.

11.    Aum Arkaya Namaya.

12.    Aum Bhaskarai Namaha.