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  • Saurin Patel

    says on:

    I am very grateful of you and your organisation for providing me your invaluable services which ultimately have improved immunity power of my body which has ultimately removed blood pressure & other problems on permanent basis.

    I take this opportunity to mention that I was suffering from SEVER BLOOD PRESSURE attack which was has evolved in my body for the first time in the month of january 2014 while I was in USA and that have resulted in Panic attack, Hypertension and Anxiety. I had suffered a lot during that period and visited few doctors at USA. Afterwards, I have also visited India and consulted few doctors at Vadodara and one specialist at Mumbai. However, after so many medication, I got relief only for few days / weeks. However, after few days, I got similar attack etc. in India & even at USA when I went back.

    Again, I came back to India for further treatment in April 2014 and got consultation with few top doctors at Vadodara & Mumbai and got further medication after doing most of the best medical laboratory tests. I got little relief and I went back to USA. In spite of such treatment, I did got same attack with high blood pressure after few weeks and then I decided to move back o my naitve India on almost premanent basis.

    I came back to Vadodara, India in the month of july, 2014 and met Dr. Bhavin Mehta, a yoga doctorate and got his counciling on positive thinking and started yoga sitting on daily basis. To my utmost surprise, after 12-15 week time I started recovering and got completely recovered.Now, my blood pressure is absolutely normal at all times and all such panic attack has stopped. I must mention that I am not taking any medicine orally or otherwise. Now I feel more energetic, powerful, positive and high headed.

    I sincerely thanks Dr. Bhavin Mehta for all this support , guidance and consultation which has changed my life to the best of health & time.

    I wishes his the best for his professional & personal life.

    Thanking a lot 

    Saurin N Patel